About Me

Hi there, I am so glad you stopped in. Let me tell you a little about myself, and hopefully you can tell me all about you and your family and what you would like to see captured for everlasting memories.

My name is Dawn Davison, the kids call me Miss Dawn, and I am the owner of Blessed Reflections Photography, LLC. I live out in the Missouri Ozarks with my wonderful husband and all of my beloved fur and feather babies. I have been a photo bug since I was a child AND have actually been doing it since BEFORE digital photography...that's right, since the days of 35 mm film and darkrooms!!

With several of years of experience under my belt, in 2013,  I officially decided to help all those with a sentimental heart like mine create a keepsake for themselves or a memorable perfect gift for a loved one. My love for people puts me right at home with families, children pets, newborns, maternity, and toddlers. To my delight it has grown and I have met some of the most amazing wonderful people!!

In 2016 while at the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club Expo I was approached by a woman who asked if I would be interested in doing a family shoot that included her autistic son. I can't lie, I was a tad anxious, but really was greatful for the opportunity, so I agreed to do the session. On that very day my passion grew to a whole new level...children with special needs AND photography. The perfect match!

Since that day I have started specializing in this area. I have started doing events called "Heart Smiles" that sets aside a day in a local park for children with special needs with free sessions and images.  Sometimes these children can be exceptionally challenging to photograph, but that is what I love about them. I also love the families of these children and they all super heroes in my eyes!

What should you know about me...ummm let me see? For starters, if you are looking for a stuffy and "stiff" style of photography, you may be looking down the wrong lens. My sessions are relaxed and fun.

I do NOT expect your children to be on their best behavior.  They are not dolls just sitting pretty on a shelf and I certainly do not expect them to.  They are children and what makes for  good photos.....happy children, curious children, playful children.  If at the end of our session I hear, "That was fun", my mission was successful.

Another thing you should know, anxious parents lead to anxious children. We are a team, you and I. So I need you to work with me (because no one knows your child better) , but I try to capture the "real" smiles.....the kind you see in the eyes as well, so unless it truly works, please leave all your "cheeses" at home in the refrigerator.  No worries, follow my lead and together....we got this!!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to capture some memories?!?